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Patio Umbrella Table

The 9ft patio umbrella table is the perfect outdoor garden table for those wanting an sturdy foundation and 8 sturdy ribs. With its288mm width and the includedcoloured umbrella holder the table is easy to set up and is perfect for storing snacks and drinks.

Patio Umbrella Screen Enclosure

The patio umbrella screen is an great way to keep your patio clean and protected. This unique structure makes it a perfect choice for keeping umbrella apps off your patio furniture. The patio umbrella screen is also a great way to protect your couch and other surface items. Overall, the patio umbrella screen is a great choice for those who care about becoming aware of their patio and using it as an areas for storage.

Screened Patio Umbrellas

This beach-facing 11-foot patio umbrella outdoor market table umbrella can be a great spot to relax or spend a day at the beach. With an outdoor table and armrest, this table umbrella can hold up to 40 people for a group gathering. The cranking tilt of the table umbrella can help you relax before declared a restful sleep. this patio umbrella screen is a great replacement for a used umbrella. It is made of sturdy materials and is a great height of 9 feet. It has a canopies of soft, flexible leather and a built-in canopy with a light. The umbrella market table l underscore is a great place to set your umbrella while enjoying your garden. this patio umbrella has an 8 ft. Length, 10 ft. Width, and 10 fl. Of load capacity. It is made of metal with a stylish black and red design. Thescreenshades off to the side for peace of mind when using this umbrella on the patio. It has a heavy duty fl. Reservoir, so you can make many uses out of this umbrella at once. the patio umbrella with screen enclosure is perfect for those who love to relax outdoors. The 9 ft length makes it perfect for larger groups or groups who want to watch a movie or video game. The umbrella also has a push button tilt crank to give you perfect tilt. This umbrella with screen enclosure is the perfect addition to your patio and is perfect for enjoying a relaxing days outdoors.